car porters recalls life without roads

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“After we delivered the car to the driver, he turned on her and he came to life. It was like watching someone do magic,” said Gole.
One of the most isolated countries in the world, landlocked Nepal was largely inaccessible by modern transport at the time.
In the coming years, Gole performed several cars, not relaxing for a couple of days in between assignments.
“We never had any money – the Ranas took all the taxes, we had to rely on agriculture for food,” says Gole AFP at his home in the village of Chitlang.
However, the Ranas could afford to splash not only Mercedes and Ford, but to pay tens of porters to carry them on the mountains of India.

Their penchant for luxury cars has been so well known that, in 1939, Adolf Hitler possessed of Mercedes Benz rule and Jung Bahadur Rana Juddha Shumsher to persuade him to keep the troops feared Gurkhas of Nepal on the Second World War.
First day in Gole work began at five in the morning. After attaching the logs together to build a bamboo stretcher to the car, he and 63 other bearers hoisted their loads on their shoulders and started walking.
Dressed in thick cotton clothes and slippers fragile they chanted “pull, pull, move it forward,” as they sailed through the steep passes and fast-flowing rivers, trekking for about five weeks.
Before the Himalayan nation’s first highway built in 1956 as the capital had paved roads, and the holders were the only ways to get cars to the rich Rana dynasty.
Gole had never even heard of cars when he started to work as a porter at the age of 20, let alone seen.
Although the town Chitlang where he was born in 1922 is only 16 km (10 miles) from Kathmandu, it was accessible by car for a decade.
His father was a farmer and taxes collected on behalf of the Ranas, who ruled Nepal until 1951 that the first hereditary ministers.

India over rape of Japanese tourist

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India has faced scrutiny about its efforts to fight against violence against women following the fatal rape of a medical student in New Delhi in 2012, which sparked a global outcry.
Since then, several attacks against foreign women have also been reported, leading to a dip in the number of tourists in the country.
Last January, a 51-year-old Danish tourist was robbed and raped at knifepoint in Delhi.
In 2013, a Swiss cyclist on holiday in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh was robbed and raped by five men, who were all sentenced to later life sentences.

But she managed to escape and reached Varanasi and met some Japanese tourists who helped her contact the Japanese consulate in the nearby city of Kolkata, the agent added.
Sajid Khan, 32, and his 25-year-old brother Jawed Khan, the two tour guides, were arrested in the case on Friday, Deputy Superintendent of Police Alok Kumar Singh said.
“We have arrested the duo containment and violating the Japanese student,” said Singh AFP by telephone from Bodh Gaya.
The complex ODH Gaya, 110 km (68 miles) south of the state capital of Bihar Patna, is home to one of the first Buddhist temples still standing in India and attracts visitors from all over the world.
Japanese woman, a college student,deltagad came to Gaya Calcutta where she had checked into a hotel in November.
Indian police arrested two brothers accused of repeatedly raping a 22-year-old Japanese tourist more than three weeks near Bodh Gaya, the most sacred Buddhist site, an official said Saturday.
The tourist was taken into armed hostage in an underground room isolated near a place of pilgrimage, according to a preliminary investigation.
“When his health deteriorated due to repeated rape and poor living conditions, it was brought to Gaya (district headquarters) for medical treatment on December 20,” said a police officer who is part of the investigation told AFP on condition of anonymity.

leader found dead at home

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Odinga, a former prime minister, led the opposition Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) and is an outspoken critic of the government of Kenyatta. Last month, he led a challenge anti-terrorist controversial laws, accusing Kenyatta to transform Kenya into a dictatorship.

The Standard newspaper website said reports of the death of Fidel Odinga triggered a small but violent protest around Kibera slum in Nairobi. The document says that the protesters motorists bombarded with stones and blocked roads before being dispersed by police.
Police said Fidel Odinga, 41, who was seen by political observers as a potential successor to his father, returned home on Saturday night after a night of drinking with friends and was found dead in bed on Sunday .
“Death … is treated as unexplained. We study his last movements. A medical examiner was called and a post-mortem will be conducted to establish the cause of death,” a detective Kenya said on condition he not be named.
Condolences were immediately sent to Raila Odinga by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Vice President William Ruto, new Capital FM said.
The son of the leader of the main opposition Kenya, Raila Odinga, was found dead Sunday at his home near Nairobi, prompting a major police investigation and minor disturbances in the capital, police and media reports said.

more and more the release plan

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A 25 year old wife, blacks were the Losangeles police was shot in August 3rd, including his back, according to Monday’s long-awaited autopsy.


Ford is dead, Ferguson, Brown Michael, 18 year old white police killed a few days later the state of Missouri, Losangeles police headquarters provoked a storm of protest. A week after this afternoon’s reports, more and more the release plan. Medical autopsy evaluation of Losangeles County coroner’s office showed Ford, shot and wounded in the arm, the back of the right. He said, back and its outline is a fatal wound. The toxicological test showed that, Ford marijuana in his system, when he died. The coroner’s report has been done for some time, but the police shooting in the security requirements of the enqu te.le mayor Eric plugging pedicled demand will in the end of this year.

Police chief Charlie set in the Beck Losangeles report conference Monday afternoon to discuss the autopsy. Police say two soldiers killed, IA Searl Ford, by the family lawyer is a foolish man, in his efforts, trying to put the gun in the slums of Losangeles August 11th scrimmage.

The police said, no one was injured and accident.le of the Losangeles times, Asian Americans and Latin American participation by Ford officials. Ford family filed suit in federal court, in September, they were known for personnel in violation of the $750000 in damages to citizens.

Rescuers found

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Rescuers found the object and an oil slick hundreds of miles apart, and trying to determine whether the connection to 8501 AirAsia flights.

“We are not sure whether this is the AirAsia plane disappeared,” putranto said: “.On is moving in this direction, this is under the guise of the situation.”

These figures do not include the search part found in Indonesia. Many fishermen from the Belitung joined these waters, see any connection can watch all the ships were on the plane.


Rescue personnel and research programs have found at least 15 ships, planes and helicopters in seven countries four Latif Yousaf and speaker. Most of Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia’s aircraft and ships, aircraft and Thailand are waiting for the space of Ministry of foreign affairs of indonesia. Soelstyo,deltagad search and rescue agencies in the national scope, if the plane at the bottom of the sea, Indonesia is the ability to obtain the surface, so that part of the diplomatic institutions and the plan, Britain, France or America borrow equipment.

The sheriff said, found in the Hardy tjahnanto air force spokesman metrotv helicopter, not far from the point of contact in the Java Sea Indonesia Belitung two oil and air traffic controllers to leave the plane. He said, the oil will sample collection and analysis, have a look the plane disappeared.

Aid agencies Belitung, nearest to the area of the plane disappeared from radar, near the island of the deployment report card more than 10 ship wave, people heard the explosion.andriandi Sunday morning, the head of the agency, a few islands around the ship, but did not find any clues, the plane fell.

The air base commander in Jakarta marshal DWI putranto said, the Australian Orion aircraft “suspicious” wave to detect the object diagram is near the le.l’about 700 km (1120 km) from the location of the plane has lost touch with.


How to take care of cold weather clothes after taking them out of storage

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If you think your coat natural fluffy fullness, Goldberg, hang them in a real shower warm. If you are in a hurry, wikiel said threw him into the dryer some of their own (!) Tennis can take shape.


Find a butterfly hole, especially of wool and cashmere, this is the most likes food is insects. Rib knit more easy to repair, but unfortunately, some damage to local IRR e consulting dry cleaning see holes can be r e par.Si you like DIY, stuffing box wool advice wikiel

This is wool, so we apologize in advance, you have no residual “insect clothes.Si you don’t see the hole, with shell or other signs, some important things, you can in your memory; line pipe, casing or a cocoon, said:” wikiel “.Alors drawers, garbage, one point one, make sure you do not see a similar, because if you do, you really have to do the repair, because of all the things you have been infected.” If you find any signs of infection, dry cleaning (sympathy and our proposal).Toute pilling test of Goldberg; the ball like this in most major retailers.

The tip of your boots to EL. If we have a point grinding, she also suggested that the tissue with newspaper or help them rebuild. The fastest way to dry clean your mustify gear in the winter, but the wikiel is also recommended, the little things from the store boss: “some vodka mixtures with water spraying is the two part. If you have fog, let it rest for a time, but he killed a lot of perfume.”

Your shoes soles, check your boots. Make sure that your shoes, high heels, a black hat, is still firmly in place. They are often in the winter, their safety is very important, because it is dangerous, “Goldberg. Another important safety tips are rubber sole for more grip and prolong the service life of the shoes.

Being Uninsured Will Cost You More in 2015

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By 2015, the taxpayer must to the tax bureau to report their medical insurance in some people in the past year PR c e dente.le control Bo te.c’when the IRS did fine, and determine whether any other exemption.


USA without insurance, you will spend more of the 2015.c’is the first year of all taxpayers to the tax bureau must be legal provisions, the previous year’s medical insurance President Obama. Those without insurance will face fines, unless they qualify for exemption of about 30, most of the financial difficulties.

Ruian moon Des Moines County, in 2013 graduated from the Institute of politics and to find a permanent job, also have the advantage. He will be fined $95.les supporters of the health care reform bill,deltagad he thought that the insurance mechanism and a fine idea “I hate conflict, you have to pay the fine, but at the same time, he helped others, said:” the month 20 years. “This is a real contribution to society, but the company had to help society.”

Without health insurance in the financial risk.

Many people don’t realize, punishment is significantly increased, by 2015, only 3% of people do not know in 2015 will be fine, according to the non partisan foundation survey r e cemment.tu Kaiser family may be accidental, over thousands of dollars m dicaux.maintenant, you can only be bound to this fine. The Supreme Court decided to promote Obama, fine, thus restoring the request is to enjoy the French constitution of 2012 will be the tax power.

Dayna day Phoenix estimation, she must pay a $290 federal tax returns a file. One day, 30 years old, marketing, do not work for each remaining in a shell after the month, transportation and other fixed expenses. She wanted to buy health insurance, but not until 2014, the provisions of the law “is the good stuff, but for now. For me, this is not my budget,” she said.

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